John Crabtree is a Research Associate at the Centre for Latin American
Studies at the University of Oxford and a senior member of Saint Antony's

He has written widely on the politics of the Andean countries, principally
Peru and Bolivia. His books include 'The Great Tin Crash: Bolivia and the
World Tin Market' (Latin America Bureau 1987); 'Peru under Garcia: An
Opportunity Lost' (Macmillan 1992); 'Fujimori's Peru: the Political
Economy', coedited with Jim Thomas (ILAS 1998); 'Towards Democratic
Viability: the Bolivian Experience', co-edited with Laurence Whitehead
(Palgrave 2002); 'Peru' (Oxfam 2003); and 'Patterns of Protest: Politics and
Social movements in Bolivia' (Latin America Bureau 2005).

Several of these titles have been translated into Spanish and published in
Latin America. His latest title is 'Making Institutions Work: Democracy,
Development and Inequality in Peru since 1980' (University of London,
forthcoming 2006). He has also published numerous articles and monologues
on Latin American politics, as well being a frequent broadcaster on such

He studied modern history at Oxford University, before doing post-graduate
work on Latin American politics at Liverpool University. In the late 1970s
and early 1980s he worked as a journalist for The Guardian and The
Economist, covering Peru and Bolivia.

Publikationen u.a:

  • The Great Tin Crash: Bolivia and the World Tin Market (Latin America Bureau 1987).
  • John Crabtree and Laurence Whitehead (eds.): Towards Democratic Viability: the Bolivian Experience (Palgrave 2002).
  • Patterns of Protest: Politics and Social Movements in Bolivia (Latin America Bureau, 2005).